Is Ron Paul Anti-Semitic?

Ron PaulSome time ago I wrote a piece on Presidential Politics and my reasons for wanted to get Ron Paul elected.  Several people have called me on this and asked if I was crazy.  I have heard from some Jews that Ron Paul is no friend to the Jewish people and one lady called him a flaming anti-Semite.  Another woman whom I am responding to suggested I Google Ron Paul and anti-Semitism and that I would be convinced by what I discovered.  So to be fair, I did just that.  I came across many articles and video’s purporting evidence of Ron Paul’s anti-Semitism.  However, close examination of these so-called proofs showed most of them to be political hack jobs by professional media types and political activists.

As my previous blog posting reminds us to be wary of Evangelical Christianity which I believe some of these replies to my postings come from.  Having had contact with that type of mindset for many years, I can truthfully say that some of the Christian Right is ignorant of political realities and can not fathom that the good ol’ USA uses money to control other nations.  Many of them see Ron Paul’s position on Foreign Aid to Israel as anti-semitic and anti-God.  They are truly ignorant of the larger reality, including what the Constitution actually says.   My response to Monica from Texas is as follows.

It is clear that you are only looking at one side of the issue.  Ron Paul clearly is a constitutional Libertarian.  Anything that violates the principles and guidelines laid out in our organic documents, such as giving money to foreign governments  (with strings attached) and the curbing of individual freedoms stands against the principles of the founders.  Many of the so-called social justice programs that liberals espouse and American Jews support at some level violate the Constitutional safeguards that have been set in place.  The really sad part is that a majority of the American Jewish community has been duped into supporting these freedom-hating initiatives.

To accuse him of anti-Semitism based on what the internet has to say about him is wrong.  The accusations are politically motivated by Jews who have bought the socialist lie or would like to continue the status quo – giving Israel blood money to further the NWO agenda and keep our Jewish people imprisoned to the American Agenda.  All these steps, if left in place, further subjugate Jews and non Jews alike.   Ron Paul’s election to the Presidency will level the playing field.  American Money & Political Action is a Trojan Horse to the Jewish People who long for the Return of the Davidic Kingdom.   It is American Money that has been used to arm and train the PA forces which are going to be used to expel Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria.

American Trojan Horse

So Monica from Texas, before you throw out accusations, check your facts.   Its the classic Media blitz against a man they hate for many different reasons.  The election of Ron Paul will set in motion events which could bring about necessary change in the Israeli political scene.  The Zohar and other ancient Jewish writings foretold that the Jewish government that would be in place prior to the coming of Mashiach would be a government of heretics, men of low character.  It is obvious that this ‘prophecy’ has come to pass.  It is our obligation to help bring about the necessary changes that very well could herald the coming of King Messiah.   For me Ron Paul is a piece on the chessboard – to be used to further our agenda – the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, ruled from Jerusalem


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