Comet Elenin and the Progression of a Prophecy

Comet Elenin has occupied a lot of time and space on the World Wide Web.  Many people believed that it spelled Doom for our fair planet.  Some mislead people thought it was Planet X and were preparing for Doomsday.   We are glad to report that the Legend of Elenin was much exaggerated in one respect.  It was not the planet killer that it was touted to be.  In fact it has kinda fizzled out.  There have been posted on the internet video’s and images showing Elenin’s diminishing brightness after what is being touted as a CME (Cornal Mass Ejection) from Sol which hit Elenin and changed her course.  In fact there are now numerous internet postings saying “So Much for Doomsday.””


What is becoming clearer and clearer is that the supposed CME did not come from the Sun side of Elenin but a huge explosion from the Jupiter side of Elenin.  See the following video’s at Jungle Apocalypse, Before It’s, and here

The  the video’s also show that comet Elenin is breaking apart due to the CME or massive explosion.  in fact there are numerous photographs that show this break up.  But lets not get ahead of our Elenin Break-upselves and think that Elenin turned out to be a fizzle.  Some months ago when we began first tracking Elenin, we speculated that Elenin very well could be the Blue Kachina of the Hopi Prophecies and in fact it’s break up does not mean that it’s not.  But now that the break up has occurred, the Christian prophecy which we spoke of previously has all the ear markings of being completely fulfilled.

This September 28th, Rosh HaShana, the Constellation Betulah (Virgo) will be seen with the new moon at her feet.  The book of the Revelation foresaw a time during the High Holy Days when this particular sign would be over the skies of Jerusalem at a time when the nation of Israel would be under persecution and threat of war.  Though this sign has occurred over and over again for centuries, only just recently have the conditions been right for prophetic fulfillment.  Part of the prophecy states that this astronomical sign would have the new moon at her feet and 12 stars at her head.

Centuries ago the ancients did not have such a detailed list of interplanetary objects.  Planets, comets and even meteors were called stars.  While there have been numerous attempts to force an explanation of these 12 stars into meaning actual stars around her head, this explanation is without merit.  For it to be a prophetic sign, we, the receivers of the prophecy must be able to see these ‘stars’ in some way.

The break-up of Comet Elenin may very well be the fulfillment of this prophecy from the Christian sacred books.   It bears watching.  We are within a few days of this conjunction and the Middle East is a powder-keg with The PA trying to stir the pot.  In my spirit I pray that this season will pass with no war but only HaShem is capable of knowing times and seasons with chilling accuracy.

B”H El Chai


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