The Censoring of Ron Paul

This is a quick update to the Ron Paul post I did yesterday.   The following video’s show the ongoing conspiracy to sideline Ron Paul, a 12 term Congressman from Texas who is noted for his common sense approach to fiscal policy and is at heart a Libertarian and firm believer in the American Constitution.  The Media is trying to pretend that Ron Paul does not exist.

You Tube Video

Daily Motion has removed the video where Jon Steward demonstrates the Media bias and censorship of an American Congressman running for President.   The Establishment is deadly afraid of this man and are working to discredit and marginalize this American patriot.

See his Presidential campaign video

Ron Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Unshackle Israel, Leave Iran Alone

Contrary to what some think, Ron Paul is supportive of Israel as an important friend in the Middle East.  Ron Paul is on record as saying that America should be friends with Israel but that the USA has not been a good friend to Israel.  He also advocates for helping Israel by ending any foreign aid to all nations. Doing this, the Congressman said, would also cut off funding to Israel’s enemies who receive 7 times more funding than Israel.

Biblically, Israel would receive chastisement 7 times for being unfaithful to God.

See his great Fox News interview on YouTube


From My Cold Dead Hands


5 thoughts on “The Censoring of Ron Paul

  1. I’m a Texan, and Ron Paul is no friend of the Jews. He’s a raging
    antisemite. Google “Ron Paul and Antisemitism”. He makes Pat
    Buchanan look like Israel’s best friend.

    Where in the world you got the idea that he was good for Israel, I don’t know. BUT DON’T VOTE FOR HIM IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL!!!!!

    • It is clear that you are only looking at one side of the issue. Ron Paul clearly is a Contitutional Libertarian. Anything that violates the princilpes and guidlines laid out in our organic documents, such as giving money to foriegn governments (with strings attached) and the curbing of individual freedoms stands against the principles of the founders. Many of the so-called social justice programs that liberals espouse and American Jews support at some level violate the Constitutional safeguards that have been set in place. The really sad part is that a majority of the American Jewish community has been duped into supporting these freedom-hating initiatives. To accuse him of anti-semitism based on what the internet has to say about him is wrong. The accusations are politically motivated by Jews who have bought the socialist lie or would like to continue the status quo – giving Israel blood money to further the NWO agenda and keep our Jewish people imprisoned to the American Agenda. All these steps, if left in place, further subjugate Jews and non- Jews alike. Ron Paul’s election to the Presidency will level the playing field. American Money & Political Action is a Trojan Horse to the Jewish People who long for the Return of the Davidic Kingdom. It is American Money that has been used to arm and train the PA forces which are going to be used to expel Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria.

      So Monica from Texas, before you throw out accusations, check your facts. Its the classic Media blitz against a man they hate for many different reasons. The election of Ron Paul will set in motion events which could bring about nessessary change in the Israeli political scene. The Zohar and other ancient Jewish writings foretold that the Jewish government that would be in place prior to the coming of Mashiach would be a government of heretics, men of low character. It is obvious that this ‘prophecy’ has come to pass. It is our obligation to help bring about the nessassary changes that very well could herald the coming of King Messiah. For me Ron Paul is a piece on the chessboard – to be used to further our agenda – the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, ruled from Jerusalem

      • I stand by what I said about Ron Paul being an antisemite.
        Your reply that we shouldn’t be giving money to Israel – – how about all the other countries and well as non-countries like “Palestine” where
        we get nothing back.
        We get our money back from Israel mostly via the defense industry as they buy planes and other equipment from us as well as training our
        military and police on dealing with terrorism.
        Why has Ron Paul continually for years singled out the Jews. Not
        only is he an antisemite, I think (as do many Texans) that he’s a

      • All your repeating is the status quo. All government money, including so-called charity and disaster relief, has political strings attached to it. Israel by accepting it, accepts the political terms that go with it. Israel is called by the Torah to be the ‘head and not the tail…to loan but never borrow. Proverbs clearly tells us that the borrower is the slave to the lender.
        It is time for a paradigm shift to occur. America will not protect Israel from it’s vast number of enemies unless it’s own interests are served. The Davic Kingdom that was foretold by the nevi’im cannot be realized by the transitory State of Israel or it’s corrupt government. A quantum change is scheduled by HaShem sometime in the future. That change will entail replacing the current European style Socialist democracy that the UN and the atheist Jews created 64 years with a Torah based theocratic monarchy. The world will never accept this.
        There are many notable rabbanim who see American money as part of the chains of our exile. if you read my blog, you know that the Menorah that secular Israel uses as its symbol is in reality a Menorah of Exile, created by Gentile powers (Rome) with idolatrous serpents depicted on it’s base. It symbolizes our servitude and exile among the nations.

        Israel must be weaned off of American money and political power. Ron Paul, no matter what you think of him, wants to end foriegn aid to ALL nations, not just Israel. And frankly, Americans need that money now. If Israel no longer has American money and power to rely on, Israel will then have to look to the Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, for it’s salvation and deliverance. Getting Ron Paul elected would be a strategic move for those who look forward to the Messianic Age.

      • I find it hard to believe knowing Ron Paul that HaShem would be
        doing a “haapy dance” if he was elected. I know HaShemcan use
        “cracked pots”, but Paul is tad bit more than just cracked. You
        should live in Texas – he’s a joke here.

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