Ron Paul – Good for the USA and Good for Israel

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s the Daily Show recently asked, “Why is everyone still ignoring Ron Paul?” Among Republican presidential hopefuls, the 12-term Texas congressman came within 200 votes of Michelle Bachman in the Iowa straw poll, a margin of about 3%. But as Stewart points out, Paul’s name is conspicuously absent from the “top tier” of candidates in recent discussions by TV news reporters.

It’s impossible to ignore the ruthlessly consistent media bias against Ron Paul. He’s the only candidate whose message remains consistent and thoughtful. The others change like the weather, spouting vague principles, and never making much sense. The Iowa debate audience loved Paul. It’s the media shills who refuse to acknowledge him.  Ron Paul is the only politician that I know that is not sold out to special interest groups and has a sound understanding of responsible fiscal policy.   He is also one congressman that would end foreign and military aid to Israel (and everyone else for that matter.   The billions of dollars that Israel receives is a TROJAN HORSE and is crippling Israel’s self determination.

Cutting off Military Aid Could be a Good Step in the Right Direction

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy is promoting a bill to suspend U.S. assistance to three elite Israel Defense Forces units, alleging they are involved in human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza

Vote for Ron Paul

Real Change for the World

Strip.   While I’m certainly no fan of Patrick Leahy, restricting military aid to Israel is a step in the right direction, even if the charges are bogus and drummed up by Palestinian activists, still mad over the flotilla fiasco.  Cutting off aid to an IDF who recently formalized a series of operational recommendations, some of which recommend to give the terrorist PA even more weapons to use against Israeli’s  in order to  prevent the security situation in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza from spiraling out of control in September when the UN announces the creation of a Palestinian state. [Source – Arutz Sheva]

Many well meaning groups believe that ending aid to Israel would embolden her enemies even more.   Certainly that is true.  But with no one to look to for deliverance, Israel will have to look to HaShem for help, which He is quite willing to give if Israel would only trust God for her destiny, not the gifts of men.

Ron Paul I believe is key to helping prevent a catastrophe here in America and across the ocean in Israel. If you love Israel – Do what is best for her by removing one of the largest obstacles that impedes the Redemption.  Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 and encourage your friends and family as well.



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