The Noose Around Israel’s Neck

Since the Palestinian Authority is bound and determined to unilaterally declare a Philistine State within the traditional and legal borders of Biblical Israel, Israel must act to preserve itself.  The Oslo The Hanging of Israelaccords must be cancelled and Israel must declare that Judea and Samaria are culturally and historically part of the nation of Israel, and officially annex it.  The Oslo Accords have been a terrible deal for Israel and a security nightmare.

Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure Uzi Landau says  the “absurd” accords should be canceled both because of the Palestinian Authority’s plan to seek unilateral statehood, and because they are harmful, he said. “These agreements were absurd and grave, and did serious damage to Israel’s security,” he argued. “No less importantly, they paved the way to give legitimacy to the existence of a Palestinian people and to the argument that they deserve a state in Judea and Samaria, the cradle of our society. These accords turned the leader of a terrorist gang, Yasser Arafat, into a supposed cultured leader worthy of joining the society of nations,” he continued. When Israel gives legitimacy to the PA, “the organization that was established with the position that we turned them into poor refugees,” it then struggles to present any alternative view, he said. Israel must inform the PA that going to the United Nations to seek recognition of a unilaterally declared PA state will mean an end to any and all agreements reached between Israel and the PA until that point, Landau stated. In addition, “They must be informed that [Israel] will declare sovereignty over large territories in the national consensus, like Area C and the settlement blocs,” he said. [Source – Arutz Sheva]

There is no doubt that the PA could garner enough support in the UN to make a unilateral announcement of the creation of “Palestine” as a new nation.  But such a brazen act will spark violence throughout Israel.   Another fact, that goes unnoticed is that this particular piece of land belongs to the currently exiled 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, who have yet to claim it en masse.  The UN announcement could be the prophetic ‘trigger’ that gives the 2nd Exodus a shot in the arm.

Yesterday, August 11 2011, it was reported that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas told visiting US Congressmen that he wants the security ofthe future PA state to be handed to NATO under US command, the Maan news agency reported Friday.    According to official Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA, Abbas stated that  the PA state must also be “empty of settlements,” by which he means emptying Judea and Samaria  of all Jews.  Members of the US Congress and Senate delegation, headed by Democrat Senator Steny Hoyer, met with Abbas in the city of Ramallah on Thursday, and quizzed Abbas on Israel’s designation as a Jewish state, the status of refugees, and reconciliation between Abbas’ Fatah party and rival Hamas, Presidential adviser Nimir Hamad said.  Abbas reiterated the Palestinian Authority’s well-known positions on these matters, Hammad added, and specified that security responsibility for the Palestinian Authority would be handled by a third party, suggesting the US-Europe military alliance NATO.

Will America Invade Israel?

If this security arrangement is finalized that would mean that American troops (among others) would be responsible for throwing Jews out of their homes and off their God-given land.  This would also place American Jews like myself in a precarious position.   While I love America (the country not the government), I could not idly stand by and watch as American troops illegally threw Israeli’s out of Judea and Samaria.  Under such conditions American Jews must act for the sake of Israel, with their time, energy and resources to support Israel and to fight against the American invaders when and wherever possible.  I would also encourage American 10 Tribers to engage themselves for the sake of Israel.  Our identity lies in the destiny and circumstances of Israel, not the countries of our exile.   It is time to stand.

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