Preparing For the Third Intafada

Historical Facts on the Real Occupation of Israel

I can never tire of bringing this point home.  The claim by the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab nations is that the State of Israel is occupying their land.   But who did Israel take the land from?  There was no Palestinian State in 1967.  Jordan was at the time occupying Judea and Samaria and had no claim to the Land or any recognized legal right to it.  Jordan in 1948, in an attempt to destroy the fledgling State of Israel, Terrorist Palestinian Statejoined the other Arab armies in a war against Israel, and through that ILLEGAL action came to be occupiers of the area of Judea and Samaria, refered to by them as the WEST BANK (of Jordan).  None of the nations of the world recognized Jordans occupation as legitimate, not even her neighboring Arab states.

Previous to 1948, after World War I when the Ottoman Empire disintegrated, the area of Jordan and Israel was given the English to administer.  Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Minister, having recognized the Jewish Peoples ancient cultural and historic ties to the area, set aside the whole of what was know as Trans-Jordan for the establishment of a national homeland for them.

In June of 1967,  responding to threats of annihilation from the surrounding Arab countries, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike against it’s enemies, including Jordan who who was illegally occupying Judea and Samaria.  It was the illegal actions of the Arab nations which has caused all the trouble.  First with Jordan occupying land in 1948 and in 1967 when the Arab nations once again  trying to annihilate the State of Israel.  In response Israel drove the Jordanians out of Judea and Samaria.

Watch this You Tube video on the historical facts surrounding the false accusation of Israeli occupation

Political Slight-of-Hand

Today, there is a huge push to announce the creation of a Palestinian State.  Many world leaders are being asked to support such an announcement.  Others are not willing to go to such extreme measures outside of negotiations with Israel.  In fact, such an announcement may trigger another Middle East war.  Of great concern is the agreement between Hamas and the PA to form a unity government.  While there are serious problems and challenges between the two, and surface appearances seem to suggest that a unity government will not materialize, due diligence is called for.  Just this week the House Committee on Foreign Affairs sub-committee on the Middle East and South Asia held testimony concerning the American aid to the PA.  In these, American government officials painted a rosy picture concerning the PA and Hamas agreement.  Their testimony was basically that we need not worry about the Hamas Fatah (PA) Reconciliation Agreement, since ‘nothing is happening on the ground.’

However General Muller, United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the PA, admitted when questioned that the US provided no oversight concerning the PA security services  and any vetting was being done by Canada and Europe.  When asked for a report on Canada and European oversight, the General could not give an answer.  This is shocking considering  the US is training and providing funding for the Palestinian Security Forces (PSF).  But the situation is far more dangerous than even that admission.

The Ties That Bind

Blood Money

Blood Money

The US provides 77 million dollars annually to Gaza.   US law clearly outlines that any assistance to the PA security services be predicated on the basis that the PA is in conflict with Hamas an other FTO’s (Foriegn Terrorist Organizations and if any cooperation is uncovered, American aid or funding would dry up.  But the vetting process used to determine appropriate recipients for US funding, only screens for affiliation or membership in the Taliban or al-Qaeda.  The vetting process does not include Hamas who is on the FTO list.  This cannot be an oversight but deliberate obfuscation by the American Government and the Obama Regime.  President Obama appears to have accepted the Fatah Hamas Reconciliation Agreement as if this is the present reality.  This acceptance is in clear violation of American Law.  When David Bedein,  Bureau Chief of the Israel Resource News Agency and as the director of the Center for Near East Policy Research asked the American Consulate what would be America’s next step if the PSF would begin cooperating with Hamas?  The Consulate refused to answer the question

Chairman Abbas (PA) has stated over and over again that he would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  Considering the roots from which the PA grew out of, this comes as no surprise.  The PA Security  Services is an outgrowth of the Palestinian Liberation Army who sole purpose was the liberation of Palestine.  Even the proposed Palestinian Constitution declares all of Palestine as theirs.  The PSF is merely the modern equivalent of the old PLA guard.

Setting the Precidents for the Third Intafada

Is is now clear that the US Government is clandestinely pursuing a policy of supporting the Patah Hamas reconciliation.  The fact that the vetting process is handled by other countries gives the US plausible deniability while allowing for  Hamas/PA cooperation once the Palestinian State is declared.  Given the world’s disposition toward Israel, it seems unlikely that the Obama regime would quibble over any Hamas/PA cooperation once the UN General Assembly recognizes the Palestinian State who in turn orders Israel off their land.  Attention will then focus on forcing Israel to comply.

Palestinian Security ForcesDangerous precedents have already been established in how the PA security forces operate within Judea and Samaria.  On April 24, 2011, the PA security forces murdered Ben Yosef Livnat, nephew of  Limor Livnat, Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, while he was praying at Josephs Tomb.  The Israelis, after 6 weeks of  investigation, finally concluded it was a terrorist attack.  One month earlier on March 13th, two Palestinian men from the American trained and supported Palestinian security forces were sent by their commanding officer to infiltrate Itamar.  The Fogel family was horrifically murdered in such a way that would have made Charles Manson proud.

It is now clear that the American government is complicit in these terrible murders.  There is no accountability by the US, which now appears to be by design.  Imagine the situation in Judea and Samaria once the UN proclaims a Palestinian State and the IDF is ordered to leave the West Bank.  The Palestinian security forces would then have the right and authority to patrol all of Judea and Samaria, and begin forcing Jews to abandon their homes.  It is reasonable to assume that some IDF units would not leave their fellow Jews to face the PSF alone.   That situation could escalate to open war with the PA asking the UN to send in troops to remove the Jewish ‘occupiers’ from the borders of the Palestinian State.

What Can Be Done?

While this situation appears to be too big for anyone of us to change, we cannot sit by and wait on God.  HaShem expects us to do our part.  David Bedein points out that the House Foreign Affairs Middle East Sub-Commitee has fiduciary veto power over American foreign policy.   If they receive enough well thought out and articulated arguments from American citizens, funding to the PA secirity forces can be cut off without approval from the Administration.

In truth, only HaShem knows the actual chain of events that will occur after September.  This Rosh Hashana (September 28) begins the Jewish New Year 5772, which is the Jewish 2012.  The Rabbi’s and Sages of Israel assign that date with the time of Jacob’s Trouble.  Christian prophecy (Revelation 12) foretells of a certain celestial event that will be pictured in the heavens which begins the persecution of the Jewish people. That ‘sign’ is scheduled to appear this Rosh Hashana.


This posting was based in large part on the reporting of David Bedein.  Hear his INN Radio Report:  How Congress Seethes Against Further Funding of the PLO

I also recommend visiting his website Israel Behind the News which has excellent files on news items that you normally do not find in the mainstream Bought and Paid For Media.


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