American Presidential Politics and Israel’s Future

This past few years have been interesting to say the least.  Since Obama’s appointment by the Power Elite Control System of International Bankers, the US dollar has lost 48% of it’s purchasing power.  Americans now spend 48% more for gasoline, 105% more for sugar, 78% more for coffee, 58% more for corn and the real unemployment rate 14 Trillion dollars in Debtsoared from 16.8% to 22.3% [Source – National Inflation Association].

There has also been a paradigm shift in American foreign policy due to Obama’s hard left-wing leanings.  Israel, once considered an important ally in the Middle East is now a pariah in the eyes of the Obama Administration who now is actively seeking to de-legitimize the State of Israel.  While relations with the US have always been precarious and not always friendly, the US could be counted on to support Israel in uneasy times.  US politicians knew that a majority of the American public was supportive of Israel, and many of those were Christian Zionists who held a great deal of political power and sway.

These days, Obama and the Power Elite do not care what the American public thinks or does.  The Facade has been torn down.  Obama will do as his handlers order him to do, which has been conclusively proven by his connections to Wall street and International Banking [Source –].  He does not care what Americans think and has utter disdain for our Constitution and even contempt for Congress [his violation of the War Powers Act].


While Obama has utter hatred for Israel, this will not cause him to cut-off any funding to Israel for a very simple reason – American dollars keep the erev rav secular Israeli government under US control. Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. From 1976-2004, Israel was the largest annual recipient of U.S. foreign assistance, having since been supplanted by Iraq. According to the Congressional Research Service, Israel receives about 3 Billion dollars in cumulative military and economic aid since 1985.

In August 2007, the Bush Administration announced that it would increase U.S. military assistance to Israel by $6 billion over the next decade. The agreement callsF-35 Fighter Jet for incremental annual increases in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) to Israel, reaching $3 billion a year by FY2011.  For FY2011, the Obama Administration requested $3 billion in FMF to Israel.  In August of 2010, the United States and Israel announced  that Israel will purchase 20 F-35s at a cost of $2.75 billion, which will be paid for entirely with FMF grants. The first planes are scheduled to be delivered in 2015, though the deal is still pending final approval by the Israeli cabinet.

When we follow the money it is not hard to discover that the current secular Israeli government is held in place by American dollars.  This is the same Israeli government that hates religious Jews and all that they stand for.  The same government that bulldozed Jewish family homes in Judea and Samaria. The same government that is negotiating with the Philistine Authority, a known terrorist organisation who seeks the complete and utter annihilation of the State of Israel.


I Love IsraelAs an American who loves Israel and desires on day to make aliyah, I must say that the military and economic aid that Israel receives, compromises her Divine Mandate and forestalls the hope of her deliverance from Gentile oppression.  Clearly from the evidence, Israel’s boasted might in war is exaggerated by the secular government and even by honest Israeli citizens who have been duped into thinking that Israel’s successes were of their own making.   That is not to belittle in any way the great sacrifices that the IDF and Israeli citizens have made, or to malign their accomplishments.   There are several notable victories that are accredited to the bravery of the IDF.  But also there have been mighty miracles in Israel’s  War of Independence (1947-48), the Six Day War (1967) or many of the other conflicts which can only be accredited to Divine intervention.

But had they not been receiving financial aid from the American government, (a modern day Trojan Horse) they would have had to look to another source for their military victories.  They would have had to look to HaShem for complete deliverance from their enemies.

Now the political landscape of the world is rapidly changing and if Israel does not look to making fundamental changes in their foreign policy regarding it’s relationship to the United States, she will be overcome by the tidal wave of hatred and animosity that is moving faster and faster towards her.  Israel must put into place men and women of integrity who will not allow the use of foreign aid to control and corrupt her.  This is a tall order but one which will help Israel achieve their Divine Destiny.

Americans who love Israel can help in this transformation by becoming a active participant in this next Presidential Election.   Our country is in dire straits and I believe the only man who can be called on to do right by America, is Texas Congressman Ron Paul.  Ron Paul is a Libertarian and a Constitutionalist.  He is a known opponent to the Federal Reserve System  which is responsible for the economic havoc that America has endured.  He was against the Patriot Act which was a serious erosion of our freedoms, and recently has begun to take action to oppose TSA’s abusive power.   Ron Paul is also against foreign aid….to anyone, even Israel.

If Ron Paul were elected, foreign aid to Israel would stop.  Israel would then have to look for another Redeemer.  This would cause many Israeli’s to re-examine their faith or lack of, which ever is the case.  Ron Paul could be a blessing in disguise for Israel.  And maybe for America as well.

American foreign aid to Israel has been a Trojan Horse which has taken control of the Israeli government and subverts her Divine Manifest Destiny.  American foreign aid is a cancer to Israel.  All Christians and  Jews must not support candidates or politicians which sent US foreign aid to the State of Israel.  Take a decisive stand against the power the Elite International Banking Cartel (i.e the NEW WORLD ORDER) has over the nation of Israel and vote for Ron Paul.

Help Israel realize it’s Divine Destiny by supporting Ron Paul for President of the USA


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