Sacred or Sacrilege? – The Philistine Character of the Palestinians – Part 1

Do the Palestinians treat the Temple Mount with a sense of Holiness or with Disdain?

Recently a new You Tube video has the Palestinians in an uproar.  We have all been told that Islam considers the Jewish Temple Mount to be a holy site and the PA is seeking to have the Old City proclaimed by the United Nations as the capital of their new Palestinian State.  The You Tube video called – Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed– by You Tube user Redemption1948, shows graphic evidence of the hypocrisy of that claim.

In the video, Redemption1948 shows us footage taken from on the Temple Mount that is shocking to say the least, and shows the true character of the Palestinian religiosity.  Images of riots within the mosque, children running all over playing soccer, and various other activities that show the profane use of the Temple Mount.  Over the years we have become accustomed to seeing Palestinians throwing rocks down upon the Jewish men and women at the Kotel.  This behavior is not consistent with the ideal of sacredness and treatment of holy objects and holy sites.

This, however, should not shock us given the very profane character of the Philistine Palestinians who murder their own children like the pagans who occupied the land of Israel in the days of old.  People like the Canaanite tribes and the Philistines.

In 1967, prior to the Six days war, the Arabs who occupied the holy land were called Jordanians.  After Israel won the war and took possession of Jerusalem, they began to call themselves Palestinians.  As Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Jihadist, said, “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

End Times Prophetic Clues

Palestinians Riot on Temple Mount

No Respect for the Sacred

Almost 2000 years ago when Rome had defeated the Jewish people and exiled most of them from the land,  the Romans renamed the land of Israel ‘Palestinia’ (Latin)  in honor of the Philistines.

The word itself derives from “Plesheth”, a name that   appears frequently in the Bible and has come into English as “Philistine”.  Plesheth (root palash) was a general term meaning  to divide, go through, to roll in, cover or invade,[3] with a possible sense in this name as “migrant” or “invader”.    This referred to the Philistine’s invasion and conquest of the coast from the sea.  It appears that HaShem has seen to it that we understand that the Palestinians are the spiritual progeny of the ancient Philistines, who were continually at war with Israel

Please See the You Tube Video – Why the Palestinians Wants This Video Removed



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