Torah from the Source

In reading Isaiah 2 after realizing the true Jerusalem is the Old City, not the modern suburbs or business districts, I have had a profound paradigm shift of understanding suggested to me by one of the Torah teachers in Jerusalem who warned of  ‘Torah imitations’:

Let us go up to the Mount of HaShem to the House of the God of Jacob; that He may instruct us in his ways; and that we may walk in His paths.  For the Torah shall go forth from Zion, the word of HaShem from Jerusalem.

TRUE JERUSALEMA literal reading of this would seem to strongly suggest that true Torah comes from true Jerusalem which is the Old City.  The Mount of HaShem is the Har BayitMountain of the House referring to the Temple Mount.  The House of course is the Temple.  The Torah going forth from Zion is specifically Mount Zion.  All these areas are within the walls of the Old City.

During my visit to Israel in 2010, I visited the Old City twice and took note of the many synagogues and Yeshiva’s in the Old City.  Isaiah states that Torah will go forth from this specific place.  I can see now why so many Jews want to live in Jerusalem – for the abundance of real authentic Torah – the Torah Life.

This is not to say that rabbinic teaching outside the Old City is 2nd rate.  But the idea is that one should receive Torah from a pure stream of life-giving waters, Mayim Chayim.  Do not be fooled by the 2nd rate teachers, such as come from the worlds of Hebrew Roots and so-called Messianic Judaism.  But receive Torah from those who have received it from their fathers and their fathers father…all the way back to Sinai.


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