Unfolding Signs of the End of Days

193,000 acre Arizona wildfireAs the geo-political events un-fold and occupy the news world-wide,  lessor known but equally earth-changing events have been occurring with an alarming increase in frequency.  The earth and the heavens are experiencing many changes that the prophesies from many religions and cultures spoke of millenia ago.  The earth has now been moved off it’s axis 2% due to the 9.1 earthquake/tsunami that devastated Japan.  Also, magnetic north has shifted 10%.  Last year there were 500 wildfires in Russia that devastated their grain production so that Russia suspended grain exports which has had a effect on the prices worldwide. Currently, here in the Southwest United States, Arizona is fighting one of the largest fires in Arizona history encompassing 301 miles and 193,000 acres.  The smoke is so thick that it has blocked out the sun in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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