Jerusalem and the Jewish People

The Strength and Unity of the Jewish People

The Walls of Jerusalem

Peace Within Your Wall

In 1967, after almost 2000 years, the Jewish people regained sovereignty and control over Jerusalem.  The hope and dream of the Jewish nation was realized during the Six Day War, a war every military commander acknowledges as a outright miracle.  One only need to stand at the Kotel to feel the presence of HaShem.  There all Jews are welcome to pray as one people united by an ancient symbol that is the epitome of truth, righteousness and brotherhood.  At the Kotel, the echo of an ancient dream, is heard in the prayers spoken here.

Jerusalem can never be a divided capital, lest our ancient dream be abandoned.  During our long exile we cried to return to Zion, the resting place of the Glory of HaShem and the capital of the unified 12 tribed kingdom of God.  The Jewish people endured long and harsh exile, pogroms, persecution and hatred without cause so that one day they could be returned to the land of our fathers and Jerusalem the Abode of HaShem’s divine Presence.

A Song of Ascents by David.  I was glad when they said to me, “Lets go up to the house of HaShem.  Our feet stood firm within your gates, O Jerusalem.  the built-up Jerusalem is like a city that is united together. For there the tribes ascended, the tribes of God, a testimony for Israel, to give thanks to the Name of HaShem.  For there sat thrones of judgement, thrones for the house of David.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: those who love you will be serene.  May there be peace within your wall, serenity within your palaces.  For the sake of my brothers  and comrades, I shall speak of peace in your midst.  For the sake of the House of HaShem, our God, I will ask for your good.  (Psalm 122)

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