Pakistani/US Update

President Barak Obama intends to violate Pakistani airspace whenever he feels it is necessary

The tensions between Pakistan and the US continue to escalate.  The Chinese government has given the Pakistani regime 50 of their JF-17 advanced fighter jets at no cost to help fend off any US attacks.  Intelligence reports indicate that NATO (US/Britain/EU) is waging a black-ops war against Pakistani to destabilize the country, in order to rationalize a seizure of Pakistani Nuclear Forces, such as those at Saragota Air Base with has a reported 80 nukes and the required warplanes to deliver them.  The West (Edom) is using a counterfeit Taliban-type terror group to wage a secret war against the Pakistan government, and recently struck at the Faisal Naval Air Base and destroyed the Orion Sub Killers that were stationed there.  The US is stepping up Drone attacks which have killed dozens of Pakistani’s in recent days.

For more information listen to Alex Jones’ May 24th  interview with Dr. Webster Tarpley at

Attack on Karachi Air Base Suggests CIA’s Taliban Counter-gang Wrecking Pakistan’s Anti-Submarine Defenses; US Waging Irregular Warfare Below Nuclear Threshold

World Crisis RadioAlso hear Webster Tarpley’s

weekly broadcast on

 World Crisis Radio


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