Remember What Amalek Did to You on The Way…

As I have stated before on my blogs, the Palestinian people have demonstrated to any sane person that if given statehood, they would not only attempt to destroy Israel, but they would inevitably destroy themselves, their new State and even those Arab and Muslim states around them.  The Palestinians, as a whole, are a debased people, who love death more than they love to live.  The fact that they strap bombs on their children, paid for by Hamas and Hezbollah (which are nothing more than an extension of the Islāmic Republic of Iran), demonstrates their profound psychosis surrounding the death cult of radicalized Islamic ideology.  Even among their Arab brothers they are reviled.


If we can remember our history, the Jordanian civil war of September 1970, also known in the Arab world as Black September, was an attempt by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the more radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to overthrow Jordanian King Hussein and seize control of the country. On Sept. 25, 1970, King Hussein and the PLO sign a cease-fire mediated by Arab nations. But the PLO’s last gasps were short-lived. Arafat and the PLO were expelled from Jordan by early 1971. They went to Lebanon, where they proceeded to create a similar state-within-a-state, weaponizing a dozen Palestinian refugee camps around Beirut and in South Lebanon, and destabilizing the Lebanese government as they had done in Jordan and playing a leading role in two wars–the 1973 war between the Lebanese army and the PLO, and the 1975-1990 civil war, where the PLO fought alongside leftist Muslim militias against Christian militias.

During the 1982 war the PLO was suffering de-moralizing losses at the hands of the IDF.  There are reports of PLO soldiers who were dragging civilians into hospitals and clinics in order to supply Arafat’s forces with blood for their wounded. Some of these unfortunate souls were completely drained of blood.

By September 1982, more than 14,000 PLO combatants had withdrawn. About 6,500 Al Fatah fighters sailed from Beirut. Most of the others crossed into Syria, and smaller contingents went to other Arab countries. As of 1987, it was believed that between 2,000 and 3,700 guerrillas were still in Syria, 2,000 were in Jordan, and smaller groups were quartered in Algeria, the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen), the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), Iraq, Sudan, and Tunisia. By 1988, however, many PLO fighters had filtered back into Lebanon. About 3,000 armed men aligned with Al Fatah were located in two camps near Sidon, forty kilometers south of Beirut, and an extra 7,000 fighters aligned with Syria reportedly were deployed in bases and refugee camps in eastern and northern Lebanon.  In 1982 the Lebanese government expelled the PLO from Lebanon.

The Palestinian Amalekite Spirit

On May 13, the Palestinians began their Nabka protest, hoping to kindle the fires of protest and revolt in Israel that has been seen in other Middle Eastern countries.  MEMRI interviewed a 92 year old Palestinian woman, Sara Muhammad ‘Awwadh Jaber,  who clearly has the Amalekite spirit who stated:

Allah willing, you will bury [Israel], and massacre the Jews with your own hands. Allah willing, you will massacre them like we massacred them in Hebron…I lived through the massacre of the Jews in Hebron. We, the people of Hebron, massacred the Jews. My father massacred them, and brought back some stuff…”

See the Video here – MEMRI VIDEO

Don't Forget what Amalek Did to YouThe Amalekite spirit is one which rejoices in the slaughter of innocents – women, children, the elderly. They are a ruthless and cruel people, having no conscience or morality.  HaShem warned us to:

 “Remember what Amalek did to you on the way as you came out of Egypt; how he met you on the way, and cut down all the weak who straggled behind you, when you were weary and exhausted; and he did not fear God. Therefore, when HAShem your God will relieve you of all your enemies around you, in the land which HaShem your God gives you as an inheritance, you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under Heaven. Do not forget! (Deuteronomy 25:17-19)

As Israel continues to return to HaShem, they will one day have to take up this final bit of business with the remnants of the Amalekite spirit.  Those who are infected with this spirit and stay unrepentant, will face destruction.  Sadly, many of the people who are with us today, have a destiny with doom.  HaShem will vindicate His people from those who try to steal His land and harm His special treasure – Israel.

O nations, sing the praises of His people. For He will avenge the blood of His servants, wreak vengeance on His foes, and cleanse the land of His people.  (Deuteronomy 32:43)

HaShem is at your right; He crushes kings on the day of His anger. He will judge the corpse-filled nations, He will crush the leader of the mighty land. (Psalm 110:5-6)



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