Doubts About the Death of Osama bin Laden

Wheres the Body?

While most of the western world is rejoicing over the supposed death of arch-enemy Osama bin Laden, there are lingering questions.  The western media is eating up this story and no one is asking the hard questions.

Some of the particulars are very disturbing and need answers.  The operation was carried out under Obama’s direction and supervision.  The action was unilateral which is uncharacteristic of the President who seeks at all times to get permission from the United Nations at all times.  The initial pictures of the dead Osama that the Administration ordered released are now proven to be fakes, having been doctored with Photoshop.

The burial at sea is highly questionable.  Obama has admitted he is a Muslim.  The burial at sea according to Muslim clerics, violates Islamic law, unless he died on the ship while at sea.  The absence of the body places doubt in the minds of many people, including me.

Wanted Dead or Alive  Pakistani General Hamid Gul in an interview with Alex Jones (  states that this supposed kill is a propaganda tool for the Obama regime in his bid for re-election. He also stated that all the Pakistani security forces have pictures of OBL and they do not look like the fake photo the US produced.  Are we too believe that the ISI, Pakistan’s elite security forces, missed the fact that OBL was living in Abbottabad possibly since 2005? The Taliban have also announced that the US has not produced evidence that Osama is dead.  One must understand that in 2001, the Taliban government asked to be given evidence of OBL”s complicity in the 911 attacks.  This request was ignored by the US government who then proceeded to invade Afghanistan (who has an estimated 200 years of oil below the surface, which is a good incentive for invasion). Given the facts of the faked photos and the missing body add up to another controversy of the Obama regime.

See the Interview with General Hamid Gul at

The Obama regime has no evidence to produce to the world attesting to the fact that OBL is actually dead.  The only legitimate evidence is to produce a body that can undergo an autopsy.  The supposed DNA sample is questionable.  The have had his DNA for some time and it would not be that hard to manipulate the press into believing it is legitimate, because it is.  But did it come from the ‘fake’ OBL, killed in Abbottabad Pakistan?


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